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Life as a Mountain Man's Wife

    by Fae-th Davidson (Fae's pen name)

    Published by Davidson Publishing on June 18, 2015 – Trapper & Fae's 21st Wedding Anniversary

    296 pages of full color throughout
    Color photos on almost every page
    75 stories plus a few extras

    Most stories are 2-4 pages so each is a quick entertaining read



       A journal of tales gathered to share and celebrate together

            the creative majesty of Almighty God

            that shines through His gift of

            often comical, sometimes confounding, sometimes sentimental but never boring     

       Life to this Mountain Man and Wife.

Wildlife and people antics abound in this collection of true tales of a Georgia gal who married a Mountain Man in Colorado.  She had no prior knowledge of the rural way of Life and only a minimal knowledge of the Mountain Man way of Life.  The author and her husband of over 27 years operate a Wildlife Management business ( in the Crested Butte and Gunnison area of Colorado right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains.  Their stories are filled with her observations while trying to learn – and cope with – the world she married.  Her background gave her very little help and her learning curve has been quite entertaining.  Through it all they emphatically profess God's hand in the stories and their marriage to which they are committed for Life! a Mountain Man and Wife...for better or for worse, for odor or for animal tracks.

Folks in the area know them as Trapper and Fae Davidson of Davidson Wildlife Services.  Many area people will find  themselves in their tales but will need to read the book to find out if they're in there.  But the stories are still enjoyable whether or not you know them or live in the area.  

They also believe that readers will find shades of their own lives in these stories.  Folks have expressed their agreement that the tales are designed to draw each reader into them.  One reader calls it a "spiritual comedy" and says that, on top of that, some of the stories brought tears to his eyes.

Journey To The Land  feature:

On page 198 the author says that before departure to Egypt, Jordan and (especially) Israel in 2011 she had wondered, ”what was it going to be like traveling in the Middle East with a Mountain Man???”  The answers are comical and entertaining, show God's intervention throughout and entice readers to join them in embracing our Covenant Hebraic Heritage through belief in our Jewish Messiah who came to Earth around 2000 years ago.  They also encourage support of Israel and taking a journey of your own there. 

          Back Cover                            Title Page

To find out more about the Wildlife Management business from which many of the experiences in the book have come from, go to:

Where the Tales Are  (Table of Contents)

Reader Reviews

Life as a Mountain Man's Wife

    "It's a spiritual comedy!  And some of the stories brought tears to my eyes too."

            Mike in Kansas — November 2015

    "I'm buying it for my fiance as a primer for her life to come."

            A trapper in Colorado — September 2015

    "I read it in 4 or 5 days.  Like your style.  Sometimes I wondered, 'Why'd she put THAT in there?' and then soon I would understand and think, 'Oh, I see why.' "

            Marvin in Texas — August 2015

    "I like the way you draw in the spiritual aspect of so many things."

            Kelly in Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado   July 2015

    "The back cover usually either 'gets' me or it doesn't and yours definitely did!  Can't wait to read it."

            Stephanie in Silt, Colorado — July 2015

    "The book is wonderful.  I did cry when your father passed away and you read the marriage proposal.  Blew me away."

           Buzz in Florida — July 2015

    "Great book. Funny, sweet and funny!"

              Alice in Scottsdale, Arizona – October 2016

  "I continue to enjoy reading it and hearing your laughter and voice as I do!"    

            Brenda in Prescott, Arizona  –  August 2021

The Canine Resources Department

    by Fae-th Davidson (Fae's pen name)

    Published by Davidson Publishing on September 20, 2019

    8 tabloid pages (8.5" x 11")

    52 photos


Most folks love a good dog story and we've a good one to tell.  This is a tribute to Bridger and Clementine – the comical and tender stories of their antics, their interaction with us and with others, our love for them and their love for us.  

As the story says, "It seems to us that the construction of Basset Hounds is proof positive of God's magnificent sense of humor."  If you're a dog lover, you'll find lots of "Awwww" and paw moments in this.

The 8-page Tabloid version offered above came about when Fae was trying to write their story in only 1000 words and 2 photos for the Crested Butte News but discovered there were way too many good tails tales and too many precious photos to share.  So she wrote the longer version first and then pulled out excerpts to write the shorter version for the newspaper which published it on October 11, 2019 (see photo to the left).

Reader Reviews

 The Canine Resources Department    

    "Love, Love, Love your stories about the pups.  I'll admit I shed tears.  Beautifully done.  Thank you."

            Kelly in Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado  October 2019

    "I laughed  I cried!  I remembered!" precious – you're a good writer too.

           Sara in Des Moines, Iowa — October 2019  

    "We enjoyed your wonderful report on The Canine Resources Department.  You are a colorful writer.

          Fred & Sue in Wichita, Kansas – October 2019

    "Thank you for sharing your wonderful doggie story.  You are a great writer and what a heartfelt story." 
          Tammara in Highlands Ranch, Colorado – October 2019

     "What a delightful read!  You really captured in story and photographic images the many joys and blessings of the gift of family with four (short) legs!"     

          Bobbie in Athens, Georgia – January 2020

From the very moment Fae-th allowed HaShem (God) and His Son, Yeshua (The Messiah) into her life at 7:30 am on March 9, 1992, she has described their walk together as a very personal Adventure.  So that is partly where the title of these sets of her writings came from.  She has injected the joy of that Adventure into each article as a part of her continuing mission to encourage all readers to look for His creative symbolism in the various events and experiences of life.

These are 4 to 8 page tabloids (8 1/2" x 11") about various topics (see below).


Please see the website Home page for why Fae uses the name of Fae-th as her pen name.

The Hebrew names above are how Fae-th mostly refers to them.

The Symbolism Series

In this series it is Fae-th's heart’s desire to magnify and display God’s glory in the symbolism of God’s Word.

Each article presents a search of Scripture for any time the article subject is mentioned.

Amazing discoveries of the symbolism & connectedness of all of Scripture as a whole (both Old and New Testaments) were uncovered during the writing of each one.

4 page articles = $3.00 each                            6 page articles = $3.50 each                        8 page articles = $4.00 each

    The Anchor                                                           The Banner                                                      The Crucible

    The Bear                                                               The Bread                                                         The Fruit

    The Donkey                                                          The Cave                                                           The Mountain

    The Eagle                                                              The Jackal                                                        The Snare

    The Footstool                                                        The Lot                                                             The Threshing Floor

    The Palm Branch                                                The Mantle                                                      The Veil

    The Scapegoat                                                     The Rock

    The Shofar                                                           The Stone

    The Stranger                                                       The Storm

   The Yeast                                                            The Tower

                                                                                  The Tree

                                                                                  The Watchman

                                                                                  The Winepress       

More titles to be added over time.

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America Bless God Series

A bookmark Providentially placed by her father found its way into Fae's hands 15 years later and into her heart the moment she found it.

It's message is now presented to you to consider for the sake of our nation...
A Nation's Cycle                    
     From Bondage to Spiritual Faith
    From Spiritual Faith to Courage
    From Courage to Freedom
    From Freedom to Abundance
    From Abundance to Selfishness       

    From Selfishness to Complacency

    From Complacency to Apathy

    From Apathy to Fear

    From Fear to Dependency

    From Dependency to Bondage

When we rebuild the wall of

America’s Godly Heritage

it will become the wall of

God’s blessing and protection.

Fae-th Davidson - 2011

All 10 issues are together in an attractive Loose-leaf Binder = $45.00

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More publications will be added since Fae (Fae-th) continues to follow our Lord's calling of things she is to write about.

She looks to His guidance regarding what she is to say in those writings.