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About Phoebe Cranor and the books below

Phoebe and her husband of almost 51 years, John, were special friends to Trapper & Fae Davidson.

Phoebe inspired the writing of  Life as a Mountain Man's Wife one day in 1996 during the preparation of the first Ranch Life book together by saying, "Fae, one day you'll write Trapper's Wife stories like I write Ranch Wife stories."  So Phoebe provided the initial inspiration while Trapper and the various critters and situations we've encountered have provided an on-going supply of entertaining material.  It only took 19 years to gather those stories into a book while our experiences kept happening and providing more and more material to be included all along the way.  But finally Phoebe's prophesy came to pass in 2015 when Life as a Mountain Man's Wife came off the press at B&B Printers in Gunnison – the same place where both of Phoebe's books were printed.  Part of the reason Phoebe and I were such close friends is that we had the common experience of knowing nothing about our husband's chosen professions when we met and then married them.  But an even bigger reason for our friendship was that it was rooted in our mutual love of God and His incredibly creative symbolic workings in all of our lives.

                                                                                                                                                                       Fae Davidson

Phoebe & Fae showing everyone the first Ranch Life book at John & Phoebe's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration just after it came off the press – October 1996

High Altitude Ranch Life

    by Phoebe Cranor

    Published by Davidson Publishing on October 26, 1996 – John & Phoebe's 50th Wedding Anniversary

    179 pages



These stories are comical accounts of Phoebe's 50+ years of life on a ranch in Gunnison, Colorado after marrying John in 1946 with no prior knowledge of how to do it. They are just as funny today as they were when they first appeared weekly in the Gunnison Country Times starting in 1995 for five years and are in the same order as when published by the newspaper.  Putting them into book form came about because so many people asked Phoebe for that whenever they had missed one of the articles in the newspaper.

You'll find a great deal of entertaining Gunnison Valley history in this book.

More High Altitude Ranch Life

    by Phoebe Cranor

    Published by Davidson Publishing on April 22, 1998 – Phoebe's 75th birthday

    171 pages



This is the next set of stories as a continuation of the original High Altitude Ranch Life.

These stories are also in the same order as when published by the Gunnison Country Times.

You'll find even More entertaining Gunnison Valley history in this book.

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There is a limited supply of each of these two books.  Once they are all gone they will not be re-printed.

Although Phoebe passed away in 2010, Fae can sign them for you as her publisher, if desired.